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Equestrian Transport
Take your model horses to equestrian shows in style with a horse transporter or trailer. From Bruder find a large horsebox for transporting your horse to and from your stables, as does the Schleich's horse trailer. All horse boxes and trailers can be attached to the brands own vehicle from a Land Rover to a Jeep Wrangler. If you need something with a little more space, checkout Bruders horse transporter van with plenty of features.
Toy Vehicles
Horse vehicles range of horse transporter vans to Land Rovers and Jeeps for attaching horse boxes and trailers to. Find a choice of 4x4 like vehicles from Wrangler to Land Rover. All you need to do is find the matching horse trailer to your liking from the same brand and it will fit a treat.
Toy Horse Boxes
Children's toy horse boxes are a simple box trailer, usually divided into two compartment for holding one or two horses at a time. A ramp pulls down at the back for uploading your horses and they exist near the front with a door that opens.