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Papo Horses
Papo horses are a favourite with kids who love toy horses. All Papo horses are based on real life breeds and are hand painted to the finest detail. Papo are a decent size model horse but are known to be of the same size of Schleich Safari Ltd horses. Likewise, you can use your Papo horse with accessories from these same brands. If you are looking for quality hand painted model horses, then browse Papo for fun on the stable.
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Papo Andalusian Horse
Papo Andalusian Horse by Papo.
Papo Angel-Araber Pferd
Sweet Papo Angel Araber Pferd foal.
Papo Anglo-Arab Foal
The Papo Anglo-Arab Foal is an animal within the Papo Equestrian World range.
Papo Arabian Mare
Papo Arabian Mare.
Papo Arabian Stallion
Papo Arabian Stallion standing tall and proud.
Papo Boulonnais Foal
Wonderful brown Papo Boulonnaise Foal grazing.
Papo Brown Work Foal
Lying down Papo brown work foal.
Papo Brown Work Horse
Sturdy brown and white horse by Papo.
Papo Competition Horse
Papo toy horse for competitions and events. Handpainted in shades of brown with hair tied.
Cremello Horse Foal French version
Papo Cremello Horse, foal French version.
Papo Cremello Horse Mare
Beautifully painted white Cremello Horse Mare by Papo.
Papo Draft Horse
Papo Draft Horse beauitfully panited in an off white shade.
Papo English Thoroughbred Foal
Cute brown English Thoroighbred Foal horse by Pepo.
Papo English Thouroughbread
Nicely made Papo horse in shades of brown with white stripes.
Papo Exmoor Pony
Short brown Pony by Papo.
Papo Fjord Pony
Nicely made and strong light brown/sandy colour Fjord Pony by Papo.
Papo French Saddle Horse
Beauitfully made shaded brown toy horse for events and competitions.
Papo Frisian Horse
Dark brown well made toy horse by Papo.
Le Toy Van Mini Horse Set in Tin
Set of 6 mini Pepo horses in a tin, making a perfect gift.
Papo Lipizzan Foal Suckling
Highly detailed black Papo Lipizzan Foal suckling.
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