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Horses & Ponies
Give a child a model horse to be proud of with everyone's favourite plastic toy horses. We feature children's toy horses from the world's biggest brands, including Schleich horses, Breyer, Papo and Safari Ltd. All these wonderful horses are made from durable plastic and hand painted to the finest detail that will impress any parent. Browse our toy horse selection below from your child's favourite brand or pick out something new.
Schleich Horses
Schleich's fast growing model horse collection inspire children all over the world. Schleich horses are made from strong plastic and hand painted to realistic detail. All Schleich horses are based on real life horse breeds so children can learn well they play.
Breyer Horses
Breyer horses have remained the firm favourite with children and adult collectors for many years. Find model horses from Breyer's three primary collections which are made up of Traditional, Classics and Stablemates.
Papo Horses
Papo horses like there Schleich and Breyer rivals, are all individually hand painted. Papo France, produce toy horses from real life breeds that you may never of heard of before. The model horses come in a choice of poses from trotting to galloping, to sitting and standing.
Safari Ltd Horses
The quality of Safari Ltd horse are exceptional, they are made from durable plastic and hand painted. Like other brands, Safari horses are not based on any scale, but are a similar size to those model horses from Schleich and Papo. So there shouldn't be a problem if you used your Papo in a Schleich stable.
Britains Horses
Britains plastic toy horses are a first choice with the young farmer who has a stable on his farm. Although, Britains horses will look impressive on any equestrian scene made up by the child. You can find Britain's traditional heavy horses, mares and foals, and horses with riders in scale 1:32.
Bruder Horses
Although Bruder only have a set of horses to add to their ever growing equestrian toy range, they probably are the only plastic toy horses in scale 1:16. This means you have toy horses for all your Bruder vehicles and accessories which will now fit Britains Big Farm range which are also based on the large 1:16 scale.
Siku Horses
Siku may not be your first choice when looking for horses to add to your child's stable, but they sure provide a lovely selection. Probably best known for their toy farm range, these horse will look good on any farmyard scene or used around the stables.