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Horse Video Games
Horse video games are a must for any equestrian or horse loving boy or girl, whatever their age. Play horse games from the most popular consoles today, ranging from; Nintendo DS, Wii, PC, Playstation, and XBox. With horse video games you are sure to find beautiful scenery, amazing graphics and most importantly fun horse riding. Horse games vary from riding, show jumping, to puzzle solving all ages levels.
Nintendo DS
Horse video games for your Nintendo DS will insure all the fun and exciting as other platforms, but with the ability to play anywhere at your leisure. The Nintendo DS equestrian games range includes puzzle solving, horse riding and taking care of your horse. We also feature skins for your DS with a horse unique theme.
Nintendo Wii
Get up and into the saddle with your Nintendo Wii. Horse games on your Nintendo Wii provides gamers the ultimate experience. Where else can you get off of your sofa and start jumping and trotting in your living room or bedroom to get your horse to move. You may be tiered by the end, but it will sure feel you've been riding for real.
Equestrian computer games on your PC can have varying results. With high spec games you will notice the difference with better graphics, speed, and all round a better gaming experience. However, today you don't always need a top quality PC, you can have all the horse and equestrian play from the family PC or laptop.
Play horse games from your favourite PlayStation console. Whether you own a PlayStation 1, 2 or 3, or even a PSP, you won't be disappointed with a horse game for the young equestrian or any horse enthusiast. If you like a horse game on another popular platform like XBox or Nintendo Wii, you can be assured PlayStation have it.
If you like the look of a horse game on the PS or Nintendo Wii, take a look at the range of XBox games as they may have it for their console to, insuring XBox fans don't go without. With the Xbox 360 being the most powerful console to don't, you won't be disappointed the quality of the horses games on offer.