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Rocking Horses
Browse a wonderful selection of children's rocking horses with rocking horses for babies and toddlers alike. We have a lovely collection of soft baby rocking horses or wooden horses for older children. Available in a range of sizes and styles, rocking horses are for children of all ages with the soft plush rocking horses the best choice for toddlers. The feature saddles, harnesses and stirrup for keeping children safe and secure.
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Alabama Rocking Pony
Price: £142.99
rocking pony has a saddle and reins and wheels that can flip down soyou ccan pushed, pulled and rock.
Baby Stella Rocking Horse
Baby Stella Rocking Horse by Manhattan Toy
Price: £16.99
Soft-construction horse seats Baby Stella snuggly with a fabric belt. Doll sold separately.
Brilliant Girls Lilac Rocking Horse
Price: £38.99
Brilliant girls lilac rocking horse pony with sound. Makes a fun, colourful addition to a child's nursery.
Grey Rocking Horse Misty
Price: £199.00
Large Grey Rocking Horse Misty. This beautiful rocking horse has many features.
I'm Toy Early Rocking Horse
Price: £42.34
I'm Toy Early Rocking Horse for babies 18 months and over.
Infant Rocking Horse
Infant Rocking Horse by Moulin Roty
Price: £99.00
Beautifully made from solid beech, it has a padded seat and safety harness along with a set of reins.
Pintoy Baby Rocking Horse
Price: £54.90
Ideal for the smallest budding champion, solid wood rocking horse.
Large Rocking Horse Precious
Price: £199.00
Large White Rocking Horse. Stunning and beautifully made.
Hobnob Rocking Horse
Hobnob Rocking Horse by Little Bird Told Me
Price: £104.99
A traditional Style Rocking horse with a sturdy wooden frame and handles.
Little Horse Infant Rocker
Little Horse Infant Rocker by Little Bird Told Me
Price: £68.95
Cute soft rocking horse for babies from 9 Months old.
Pixie and Fluff Infant Rocker
Pixie and Fluff Infant Rocker by Little Bird Told Me
Price: £73.99
A beautiful rocker for young ones.
Little Tikes Rocking Horse
Price: £17.99
Little Tikes Rocking Horse suitable for toddlers.
Pintoy Wooden Rocking Horse
Price: £61.95
Award winning wooden Glide Action Swing Horse supplied flat packed.
Neo Classic Rocking Horse
Price: £149.99
Delightful rocking horse for toddlers by Plan Toys. Made to last and will create years of joy.
Rocking Horse Bandit
Price: £179.00
Beautiful rocking horse which has many features that include a lovely brown soft body.
Rocking Horse Beauty
Price: £199.00
Delightful rocking horse with a beautiful long black mane and tail. Traditional style head and nose.
Rocking Horse Brown
Rocking Horse Brown by TTN Agencies
Price: £50.00
My first rocking horse. This chocolate brown and white rocking horse has saddle, halter and stirrup.
Rocking Horse Dark Brown
Rocking Horse Dark Brown by Born to Play
Price: N/A
Soft rocking horse for toddlers 12 months and older.
Rocking Horse "Nutmeg" with sounds & flip over wheels
Price: £49.95
Rocking Horse with some very special features.
Rocking Horse Oregon with Wooden Rocker
Price: N/A
Plush covered horse with saddle with stirrups.
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