Equestrian DVDs
Sit back and relax with an equestrian DVD for all aspects of horse riding. We feature horse DVDs providing real life trainers showing the audience the very best horse training techniques as well has show jumping, cross country and even stable management. Furthermore, we have equestrian DVDs offering eventing finals and shows all available to watch on region 2 DVDs. Search now for the very best equestrian and horse DVDs.
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A Stable Life - Series 1 [DVD]
Price: £8.99
A Stable Life" is a fascinating insight into the world of UK show jumping and dressage.
A Stable Life Series 2 [DVD]
Price: £12.99
Featuring riding lessons to stallion training to top level competitions.
Advanced Muscle Therapy for Horses
Price: £39.89
This presentation covers these topics in depth like no other.
American Show Jumping Series Vol.3 - Help
Price: £16.99
Troubleshoots some common and not-so-common problems faced by show jumpers.
Anky Her Winning Formula
Price: £21.99
This DVD is based on the initial Master's Tour lecture demonstration that took place on 10 February 2002.
BHS Official Examination Series - Preliminary Teaching Test
Price: £17.99
Gives viewer a guided tour through each exam.
BHS Official Examination Series - Stage 2
Price: £15.99
Filmed exclusively at Hartpury college. Gives the viewer a guided tour tour through the exam.
Dancing with Horses
Price: £27.99
For master trainer Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, work with horses is comparable to dancing.
Dressage for Jumping With Richard Davison
Price: £20.99
Fascinating and comprehensive instruction on the flat and over jumps.
English Saddles DVD: How to Fit: Pain-Free
Price: £29.99
From Dr. Joyce Harman, veterinarian and renowned saddle-fitting expert.
Enjoy Cross Country
Price: £21.99
Fences and combinations are jumped and this DVD is relevant to anyone wishing to ride across country.
Enjoying Dressage With Richard Davison
Price: £21.99
The programme is broken down into chapters for the viewer to follow.
Enjoying Riding Perfecting Your Seat With Tina Sederholm
Price: £20.99
Well balanced seat is a foundation for successful riding.
Enjoying Show Jumping With Tim Stockdale
Price: £18.99
In this DVD Tim runs through a sequence of exercises which can be practised at home between competitions.
Equestrian Events Of The 2004 Athens Olympic Games
Price: £34.29
Dressage disciplines from the 2004 Olympic Games.
Equestrian Events Of The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Eventing
Price: £17.48
Represented in Hong Kong for this Eventing competition
Equestrian Events Of The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - Individual
Price: £20.99
DVD coverage of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
Equestrian Events Of The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Show Jumping
Price: £20.99
DVD with highlights of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
Equestrian Events Of The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Team
Price: £20.99
Detailed DVD of the Equestrian Games Team in Beijin.
European Eventing Finals 2007
Price: £20.99
European Eventing Finals 2007.
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