Equestrian Books
Inspire equestrians and horse lovers with an addition of an equestrian book to their book shelve. Our feature Equestrian books provide a wealth of information for serious riders as well as fun equine books for children. Browse horse riding books with techniques and advice as well has interesting horse training books with how to's and advice for all levels. Browse equestrian books below for a book on all aspects of riding and horses.
100 Ways a Horse is Better Than a Man
Price: £3.15
This hilarious collection is the perfect gift for the entire female horse loving population.
Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management
Price: £15.00
A detailed look at horse and stable management.
Chosen by a Horse
Price: £5.99
Sometimes animal-lovers are fortunate to enough to bond with an animal so special.
Complete Horse Riding Manual
Price: £14.99
Stop horsing around and perfect your equestrian skills with this thoroughbred guide.
Draw 50 Horses (Draw 50) (Paperback)
Price: £0.01
Focusing on horses, one of a series which presents a method of drawing a variety of animals and objects.
First Steps in Dressage
Price: £4.18
Dressage involves drawing out the natural capability of the horse and shaping it into something beautiful.
Horses for Dummies (Paperback)
Price: £8.94
Features new full–color photos and online resources.
Train, care for, and have fun with your horse
Horses (Hardcover)
Price: £9.71
Beautifully conceived tribute to the unique bond that exists between man and horse.
Horses (Pebble First Guides) (Paperback)
Price: £4.99
Takes you to the natural world with designed guides. Includes photographs and maps.
Horses: Their Temperament And Elegance
Price: £46.46
Horses: Their temperament and elegance In the photographs of Gabrielle Boiselle.
How to Draw Horses (Young Artist)
Price: £1.16
Just about coverers everything, drawing a horse, add colour, with how to capture the horse emotion.
In Celebration of the Horse (Hardcover)
Price: £9.60
Contains over 100 colour photos of horses, accompanied by a quote, poem or passage of prose.
My First Book of Horses (Hardcover)
Price: £8.07
My First Book of Horses introduces the young equestrian to the world of horses.
My First Horse and Pony Care Book
Price: £5.54
My first horse and pony care book provides detailed information regarding the care of horses and ponies.
One Hundred Ways for a Horse to Train Its Human
Price: £2.79
One hundred ways for a horse to train it's human.
One Hundred Ways to Live with a Horse Addict
Price: £3.19
Horse addicts come in all shapes, sizes and guises.
Pony Ultimate Sticker Book (Paperback)
Price: £3.59
Learn about different breeds of ponies and horses and create your own stick-it stories.
The Horse Lover's Bible
Price: £11.49
The Complete Practical Guide to Horse Care and Management in Hardcover.
The Horse Lover's Joke Book
Price: £3.75
Over 400 gems of horse related humour and jokes in paperback.
The Horse (Paperback)
Price: £6.29
Watch horses galloping, trotting, leaping and sleeping. Learn how to groom them and what they should eat.
The Usborne Little Book Of Riding and Pony Care
Price: £0.73
Everything you need to know about classical riding
Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book
Price: £2.98
Children's pony colouring book features dozens of pictures of ponies for colouring in.
Your First Foal: Horse Breeding for Beginners
Price: £12.07
Many horse owners dream of having a foal from their own mare.