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Equestrian Extras
If you're in need of something a little bit different for the young equestrian to enjoy, take a look at our equestrian extras below for some inspiration. We have a wonderful choice of children's horse Books, Gifts, DVD's, Puzzles, Play Mats, Rocking Horses and even kids Horse Video Games. These items don't fit into our equestrian toys range, but they will sure make a lovely addition to any equestrian toy you may be thinking about getting.
Equestrian Books
Browse a selection of horse books based on all thing equestrian. We feature books on show jumping, training your horse, stable management and books just for fun. These include story, horse sticker books, and how to draw horses books for kids.
Equestrian Gifts
Equestrian gifts featured include items that would make a gift for any occasion but not only for kids, but for adults as well. Take a look at beautiful horse figurines with equestrian crafts, horse theme keyrings, lovely cups and coffee mugs, fashion accessories from handbags to towels.
Equestrian DVD's
Equestrian and horse DVD's provide a great way of learning more about horses on a range of topics. Find DVD's about training, stable life, and horse healthcare. We also have fun packed horse DVD's for kids and adults alike with equestrian shows, show jumping and riding you horse DVD's.
Equestrian Play Mats
Children's equestrian play mats provide a great way for children to play with there horses and vehicles on a soft play mat for the bedroom floor. Play mats with equestrian scenery will usually include lots of country roads, fields, lakes or rivers, and stables. Play mats can also be waterproof and non-slip for safety.
Equestrian Puzzles
Equestrian puzzles provide a fun educational toy for toddlers and children's developing minds. Browse a choice of quality wooden horse puzzles with photo's that include horses running, galloping and frolicking, with the addition of horse jigsaw puzzles with stables.
Rocking Horses
Find a selection of children's traditional rocking horses with a few unique ones included. These include soft plush rocking horses for toddlers and horses with frames for babies. Overall, you can expect to find on your rocking horse a saddle, stirrups, and a harness for holding on.
Equestrian Video Games
Play horse video games for the equestrian inside you. Find a wonderful selection of horse filled video games which include horse riding, show jumping, puzzle solving and role-playing. These horse game can be all found on your favourite games console whether it be the Nintendo DS, Wii, PC, Playstation.