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Toy Horse Shelters
Browse a selection of children's wooden toy horse shelters for your Bruder, Schleich and Breyer model horses. We feature a field horse shelter for all your favourite horses, with plenty of cover for the horse to hide under when it starts to rain. Traditionally, horse shelters provide a simple stable like buildings, with a large opening door and a place to feed and drink. Find a selection of horse shelter sets below from plastic or wood.
Horse Shelter with Pasture Fence
A place for your Bruder horses to take shelter when the weather is harsh with a well built to horse shelter.
Horse Shelter
Horse Shelter by Bruder
Compatible for all your Bruder Horses and is 1:16 scale. The toy horse shelter is made from sturday plastic
Field Shelter for Breyer Horses
Field Shelter for Breyer Horses by Happy Happy Horses
Handmade wooden toy horse shelter.