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Equestrian Buildings
Browse a wonderful selection of children's toy equestrian buildings with a traditional toy stable for your Breyer and Schleich horses. We also have a choice of plastic and wooden toy horse shelters with buildings like riding schools and equestrian centres compatible with all your favourite horse brands. Take a look out our feature buildings below as you are sure to find something to interest the young rider and their horse.
Toy Stables
Find a wonderful collection of children's wooden toy stables made from wood and plastic for your Breyer, Schleich and Papo horses. Toy stables we feature come with lots of extras from up to 4 stalls, working stable doors, a loft, and possibly corral for keeping your horses safe.
Toy Horse Shelters
Toy field horse shelters provide a quick and easy place for the horse to take shelter when grazing. Pop up a toy horse shelter on the horses field and give them a place to get out of the rain or from the hot sunshine.
Toy Riding Schools
Get your young equestrian and horse set for competitions with plenty of practice with the use of a riding school. Toy riding schools provide endless features; with stables, barns, and tack rooms, which is all you need to train on the show jumps outside. Find wooden riding schools for your Papo and Schleich horses.
Toy Equestrian Centres
Toy equestrian centres are perfect for the young rider to just have some fun with there model horses. Equestrian centres are used to ride outside or indoors when the whether its bad. Equestrian centres can provide a big open area for riding around or stables for keeping your horses in well you wait until your turn.