Toy Show Jumps
Whether they come as a set or single, toy show jumps provide the horse enthusiast excellent equestrian play for creating show jumping courses for your toy horse ready for events and equestrian shows. Show jumps and hurdles are just like the real thing, featuring trotting poles and cross country jumps for creating show jumping courses as far as the imagination will allow. Made from natural wood or optional plastic toy show jumps, they come in a wonderful range of colours and natural wood finishes.
Cavaletti (Trotting Poles) Set
A set of 2 Caveletti jumps, made of wood and painted white. Scaled for Traditional size 1:9 scale horses
Cross Country Jump
Practise your jumping skills and give a winning performance. A natural stained-wood jump.
Jumper Jump
Jumper Jump by Breyer
Let your horse take flight over Breyer's traditional series jumper fence. Made from wood.
Show Jumping Course
The beautiful figures from Schleich are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children.