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Welcome to Toy Equestrian

We are proud to feature a top range of children's wooden toy horse stables for the young equestrian. From a small 1:32 size to a large 1:9 scale, you're sure to find a wooden toy stable to fit your child's Breyer and Schleich horses amongst other great branded horses. In addition, we promote an impressive choice of toy stables and accessories for all ages and gender. So whether you'll looking for a beautifully built toy stable set or a barn to raise horses, you need look no further than Toy Equestrian. You may also be interesting visiting Junior Farmer for kids farmyard toys from brands such as Britains, Siku, Bruder, Bullyland, CollectA and Safari.

Equestrian Buildings featuring children's wooden horse stables, horse shelters, riding school and equestrian centres for toy horses.
Browse a selection of toy horse stables for your Breyer and Schleich horses. Further-more, we feature equestrian buildings just live those in real-life. View anything from beautifully built toy riding schools, horse shelters for keep horses dry and equestrian centres for holding events and competitions.
Horses & Ponies featuring toy horses from schleich, Breyer, Papo and Safari Ltd horses for children of all ages.
If ever there is a horse lover and enthusiasts in your home, they won't be without their favourite toy horses. We don't disappoint you as we feature hundreds of toy horses from major manufacturers such as Breyer and Schleich horses.
Equestrian People featuring toy horse riders, stable girls and equestrian figures.
So you have your horse and your toy horse stable set and your ready to go. But there maybe something your missing, that's right, equestrian people to help run and look after your horses when your not home. Includes riders for your Breyer and Papo horses to stable girls and boys with accessories.
Equestrian Transport for your toy horses with toy horseboxes and jeeps including Land Rovers.
Equestrian vehicles are perfect for transporting your horses to and from your toy stables. Gear them up and load them in to your toy horsebox and away you go. You'll never miss a show or events in a brand new horsebox and vehicle complete with ramps and side doors.
Equestrian Accessories
Keep the young equestrian and their horse busy with a selection of realistic accessories. Get them ready for events and kit them out in tack from horse blankets, saddles to stable kits. You can also be sure they perform to there best with a choice of toy show jumps and hurdles.
Equestrian Extras featuring children's equestrian and horses books, DVDs, gifts, play mats, horse puzzles, rocking horses and equestrian video games for the latest consoles.
Aside from our featured equestrian toys, we've expanded our selection to extras such as horse books for young equestrian, horse DVD's, equestrian puzzles, rocking horses and horse video games for your Nintendo DS or even your PC.